In recognition of her unwavering dedication and selfless service, Mary & Martha House proudly shines a spotlight on Tonja McNair, an exceptional administrative volunteer whose commitment to making a difference has touched the hearts of many.

Tonja has graced Mary & Martha House with her compassionate presence for several months, driven by her deep-seated sense of calling and purpose. As a minister, author, life coach, and humanitarian, Tonja finds solace and fulfillment in giving back to her community. Her belief that no act of kindness is insignificant resonates in her every endeavor.

In a remarkable display of generosity, Tonja stepped up during the Ian storm crises in Tampa in 2022, assisting in crafting sandwiches at Metropolitan Ministries. This act of kindness during a challenging time highlighted her genuine concern for those in need.

Originally hailing from Rochester, NY, Tonja and her husband ventured to Florida a few years ago, following a remarkable job opportunity. The couple, with a combined five children ranging in ages from 26 to 37, have integrated themselves into their new home with open hearts.

Tonja’s talents are as diverse as they are inspiring. Holding a NYS cosmetology license, a Florida real estate license, and notary credentials, she embodies versatility. Additionally, Tonja recently achieved the remarkable feat of publishing her debut book, ‘Evolve To Vitality’, a testament to her dedication to personal growth and empowerment. Her role as a life coach further showcases her innate ability to uplift and transform lives.

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