We cannot do this without your help.

There are so many ways to give. With your help we can transform many more lives, and rebuild and strengthen our community, one victim at a time.

It’s easy in life to get caught up with distractions. But we should not let those distractions take our focus away from what really matters– the personal relationships that give life meaning.

Ways to Give

    Sponsor A Room

    Laurie’s Magnolia House

    • Room sponsorships at Laurie’s Magnolia House (LMH) cover the yearly costs for personal bedding linens, pillows, towels, and other items to help make a shelter room feel cozy and comfortable to a woman (and child/children) in distress, while staying at LMH
    • Sponsorship levels are as follows: Magnolia – $3,000; Hibicus – $2,000; Sunflower – $1,800; Rose – $1,500; Tulip – $1,200; Daisy – $1,000; Lily – $600
    • Annual commitment
    • Recognition at Laurie’s Magnolia House
    • Sponsors invited to annual sponsor recognition event
    • No physical commitment needed, MMH staff will perform the work

    To sponsor a room fill out the form below or call (813) 645-7874.



      To establish an Endowment contact your Financial Advisor or Mary & Martha House directly at 813.645.7874

      You can help ensure that Mary & Martha House will be able to continue to help change women’s lives for years to come.

        Appreciated Assets

        Appreciated Assets.

        You will need to consult your tax adviser regarding your personal situation.  In many cases a gift of securities or other assets would provide you with a tax deduction for the fair value of the assets as opposed to the cost you paid. It is a much better choice to give the asset as opposed to selling them and paying a tax on the gain.

        Please call your financial advisor or Mary & Martha House at 813-645-7874 for further information.

        One of the best ways to give is with appreciated assets.



          We have numerous volunteer opportunities with jobs ranging from cashiers to front desk, to maintenance support.

          Contact Information - Step 1 of 4

          This application does not discriminate in securing volunteers on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, or ancestry; or on the basis of age against persons whose age is over 40 or on the basis of handicap or disability and any other characteristics required by law. No question on this form is to be intended to secure information to be used for such discrimination.

          Please fill out the form below to begin. All information is confidential.
          Sponsor an Event

          We are always seeking sponsors for our signature annual events. Click on the Events tab for information about upcoming events. To sponsor an event call (813) 645-7874

          Sponsor an Event




            Affinity Programs

            Affinity Programs

            Love to shop?  Do it with a smile through one of our affinity programs like Amazon Smile. Mary & Martha is registered with following affinity programs:

            Amazon Smile – Designate Mary & Martha House as your charity and  everytime you shop at Amazon the organization will receive a % of all your purchases. There is no cost to you and you will be helping to support Mary & Martha House programs.


            Making An Impact

            Mary & Martha House helps dozens of individuals every year. The financial impact of pulling a family out of homelessness and rebuilding their lives is exponential. There is a huge multiplier effect when you have families who can now send their children to school, and mothers who are confident and fully employed.


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