One of the best ways to give is with appreciated assets.

Your generosity can make a significant impact on our mission while also providing potential tax benefits for you. By choosing to contribute securities or other appreciated assets, you not only support our cause but also potentially enhance your financial situation.

Types of Appreciated Assets You Can Donate:

Stocks and Bonds: Donating publicly traded stocks and bonds is a common way to contribute appreciated assets. The fair market value of these securities can provide you with a tax deduction.

Real Estate: Donating real estate properties can also be an option, potentially offering tax benefits while supporting our mission.

Mutual Funds: If you hold mutual funds that have appreciated over time, you can donate them to make a meaningful impact.

Other Appreciated Assets: Consult your financial adviser to explore other appreciated assets you may consider donating.

Donate Appreciated Assets

*Please note that it’s essential to consult your tax adviser regarding your personal situation to fully understand the benefits of this giving option.

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